Who Are 2X Systems?

A recent entry into the security screening market, UK-based 2X Systems draws on the engineering talents, knowledge and experience of individuals and companies in the security sector to provide

innovative yet uncomplicated x-ray scanning technology at competitive prices.

Under the expert guidance of CEO Frank Baldwin, we have developed a range of security screen solutions using locally sourced components to provide a uniquely UK-manufactured system, meaning product aren’t bound by US sanctions.

Guided by Industry Expertise

An experienced entrepreneur, Frank has a passion for building businesses and challenging the status quo. With a 30-year track record, he has gained extensive knowledge of the x-ray security market and has worked with some of the most innovative and progressive companies in the sector – leading to him becoming a respected and trusted respected authority within the industry.

Over the years, he has held a number of senior positions within the industry – including President of International Business at Rapiscan Systems – and has overseen the delivery and installation of systems and projects worldwide.

Under Frank’s leadership as Managing Director in 2008, Rapiscan was awarded the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise, in recognition of the company’s sustained business growth in the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region. In 2012, Rapiscan went on to receive the Queen’s Award for Innovation, for the development of its Eagle Radiation Detector – a system which detects, and identifies the type of, radiation being emitted from containerised cargo or cargo carried by vehicles.

Today, Frank continues to be an active figure within the sector, advising organisations on the purchase and deployment of security equipment in the Middle East and CIS countries.

With Frank at the helm, our team at 2X Systems creates exciting and innovative technology for use in various system applications – including border checkpoints, government facilities, secure facilities, military bases, hotel and events, and VIP facilities – in the fast-moving world of security and industrial inspection.

Class-Leading Designs

Our latest design transcends current market availability with a selection of models to cater for a range of security screening scenarios. The 2X-300DT scanner enables rapid ease of installation for screening at ports, border crossings and secure facilities – whilst the 2X-300DF is fixed for situations where the system is to be operated on a permanent or semi-permanent basis, and the 2X-300DC conveyor enables autonomous scanning of vehicles. 

As well as the 2X-300 system, our extensive product range also includes the Secupod security solution – a popular container system which can be operational in under an hour and allows multiple units to be joined together to create a physical barrier – and the 2X-833, a class-leading, walk-through metal detector for use in various operational environments. We also offer a variety of mobile security space solutions (temporary buildings and structures that can be customised to meet customers’ specific needs), which have been designed to accommodate security checkpoints and multiple search areas – ideal for sports events and high-security venues. 

On-Going Service and Support

Our global network of partners allows us to provide on-the-ground support to our customers around the world. What’s more, the team’s combined years in the field installing and supporting x-ray screening equipment, along with their wealth of knowledge, means we are able to offer a first-class service. When it comes to installation, we understand the difficulties involved and the requirement for high-skilled personnel to carry it out. It is this need which has led to our innovative designs, which are based on delivery to site and out-of-the-box operation and aim to eliminate the need for highly-skilled engineers.

At 2X Systems, we also recognise the need for a tailored approach to the manufacture and implementation of equipment. Because of this, we provide a design and project management service for clients that require additional support during the procurement and implementation stages. As part of our services, we offer training, service and support contracts, maintenance and repairs, upgrades and retrofits, parts and component, and helpdesk support.

Over the next five years, our vision is to create innovative and advanced security screening products, which customers and end users view as the best in their class.

For more information about our products and how they can be utilised within your security system applications, please get in touch today.

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