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Vehicle Scanners

At 2X Systems, we recognise the need for a tailored approach to the manufacture and implementation of equipment. Our team has spent many years in the field installing and supporting x-ray screening equipment. They have highlighted the difficulties of installation and the need for highly skilled personnel for installation and ongoing support. Our innovative designs are based on delivery to site and out-of-the-box operation, eliminating the need for highly skilled engineers where possible.



The 2X-300 has been developed for ease of transportation and installation. The system is designed to fit into a standard 20ft ISO container that has been adapted to take the system fully built. Wheels are fitted to allow the system to be moved on rails out of the container and then moved into the operating position. The top section is lifted by forklift or crane to the correct height and pins are then inserted (option for hydraulic feature is also available). The spring loaded ramps on each side are manually lowered into place. Power and data cables are connected. The system is then ready for operation.



The 2X-300DT is a rapidly deployable, fully self contained system with minimal support required to install. Its unique design provides the user with all of the components required to setup and operate the system themselves, therefore there is no need to seek professional engineering assistance. The system is plug and play with all the required system variants pre-wired in the control panel. Data link cables with Harting connectors plug directly into the system. The control room can be positioned up to 100mtrs away from the system. Extra distance is possible via fiber optic cables, including remote access via internet or WAN.



The 2X-300F is designed for installations where there is a need for rapid deployment and automated lifting is not required, allowing for operations to take place on a permanent or semi permanent basis. The system is a fully functioning vehicle scanner with all the capability of the rapid deploy 2X-300D. The ‘F’ system is delivered without automatic lifting, no control room, can be configured for drive through operations and can also be used with the unique conveyor cassette to allow unoccupied vehicle scanning. Along with installation, computer workstation and CCTV equipment will be supplied for the customers control room.



The 2X-300DC has been designed for the original 2X-300D, but includes conveyor autonomous scanning for a driverless operation. The vehicle moves through the scanner at a constant speed and combined with optimised beam geometry, it ensures that the optimum image is presented to the operator. The scanners x-ray generator energy can be increased to the maximum setting of 320 kVA, providing a penetration capability of up to >70mm.


All our products are manufactured in the UK, using UK parts