Don’t let security hinder the guest experience at your event

How many times have you been to an event and had a less-than-stellar experience due to security issues? Perhaps you didn’t feel safe, or maybe it took too long to get through bag checks.

Particularly if you’ve ever attended a large-scale event such as a festival or concert, you’ll probably know all too well how frustrating it can be waiting in line for what can seem like hours to get into the venue.

However, if you’ve also been on the other side of an event — either as a venue security manager or an event organiser — you’ll be more aware than anyone of how difficult it can be to strike the right balance between safety and guest experience.

Searches make people feel safer. But when attendees are there to have a good time, they often have very little patience for anything that gets in the way of this. So, it is vital that security is seamless and runs without a hitch.

Not only for safety reasons but also PR: if your guests have a negative experience, you can bet good money they’ll tell people about it. Or worse, take to social media.

Happy staff, happy guests

There’s no arguing event organisers and venue security managers have a very challenging job. Especially considering the current heightened threat level which has left many people wary or fearful of events — particularly those which draw large crowds.

Despite the immense pressure, it is essential security staff don’t let it show or get to them. A poor interaction can easily rub a guest up the wrong way, leaving an unpleasant lasting impression of the event. However, when security staff seem to be enjoying themselves and treat attendees with respect and professionalism, it creates a much more enjoyable atmosphere.

An excellent way to ensure this happens is by clearly communicating any dos and don’ts to guests ahead of the event, so they know exactly what to expect on the day. This approach to security is better for everyone and helps put guests instantly at ease.

The right equipment

Unfortunately, there’s no getting around the fact searches are a necessary part of events today. As such, preparation is key to guaranteeing security measures don’t hinder the overall guest experience.

Having the right equipment, such as walk-through metal detectors, in place will mean venue security managers and event organisers can be secure in the knowledge that guests will remain safe.

2X Event Solutions offers an extensive range of industry-leading securing screening equipment, which is ideal for getting guests through security swiftly — helping to alleviate pressure from security staff.

The rapidly deployable solutions are adjustable to suit any event requirements and do not entail expert installation. Ideal for last-minute events, all of the equipment is available for hire.

For more information about 2X Event Solutions’ flexible and cost-effective hiring options, please contact

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