The 2X-300 is a powerful and portable vehicle inspection system

The existence of vehicle scanning to stop terrorists was once the domain of war-torn countries. Today in a world where a person driving a small car can cause extensive damage and wide spread fear, vehicle scanning will inevitably become part of the common landscape.

The use of vehicles as a means to transporting explosives or IEDs is not new. What has become increasingly more common is the use of vehicles as a weapon. More often these days the use of cars and light vans is the weapon of choice. The need to search cars and light vehicles in the vicinity of vulnerable locations is increasingly becoming a necessity. To that end, portable vehicle inspection systems which have the capability to be rapidly deployed are now required by governments and security companies.

The race is on for quick to deploy vehicle scanners

The potential to protect previously benign public areas in major cities is becoming a reality with the introduction of high throughput vehicle scanners. This is also driving new entrants into the market for the supply of vehicle scanning equipment. To meet this challenge the systems need to be fast to deploy and easy to operate.

At 2X Systems, we are leading the way with the new innovative 2X-300 vehicle scanner. Designed in the UK and using 100% UK manufactured components. The 2X-300 car and van scanner has been developed to provide a rapid deploy vehicle scanner to meet the needs of both permanent and temporary installations. This rugged, highly mobile system works in both permanent installations and ad hoc sites in hostile environments. From a central command post the operations teams can scan up to 250 vehicles per hour in drive through mode or 55 vph in conveyor mode.

Portability and bird’s eye view accuracy

The 2X-300 is a fully portable system. Capable of fitting into a standard 20ft ISO container that doubles as the command and control centre once the system has been deployed. The system is fully self-sufficient and once the container is on the ground, the mechanical towing device stowed in the container moves the system into place. Hydraulics arms then lift the system to the correct height. The installation process takes less than 120 mins, with shore or generator power being the only requirement.

Unlike most other car scanners, the 2X system takes an x-ray scan of vehicles from above, and not from the sideways angle. The bird’s eye view improves accurate identification of contents. Trained operators are the able to identify threats such as weapons, IEDs, explosives and other suspicious items.

We always put clients central to their business by providing a design and project management service to help with tailored solutions specific to the destination environment. As a result, on-site delivery and an ‘out-of-the-box’ operation approach means expensive on-site engineers are not required. Our competitive pricing model, and partners around the globe provide a simple solution to the growing threat of vehicle terrorism.

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