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The Secupod is a security scanning solution designed for quick deployment and easy setup. The unit can be operational in under a hour. The WTMD and x-ray system do not require experts to install. The unit is equipped with CCTV, LED lighting and mains power. The Secupod is designed so multiple units can be joined together to create a physical barrier. The Secupod is ideally for event hire and VIP events. Any manufactured WTMD and 6040 x-ray system can be installed in the Secupod. It has a unique turntable design that secures the x-ray systems to the floor, and during transportation that x-ray is rotated in a secure position in the unit. The innovative design allows other security products to be configured within the pod.


System Applications

  • Border check points
  • Government facilities

  • Airports

  • Military bases

  • Hotels & events

  • Secure facilities

  • VIP facilities

  • Check points

  • Can be configured to hold 1xWTMD and 1×6040 X-ray or 2xWTMD
  • Easy to deploy
  • Caterpillar design – easy to join 2, 3, 4 together

  • Transported on a road trailer that can house 2 SECUPOD
  • Weather resistant

  • Physical security barrier
  • Optional CCTV

  • Optional canopies can be fitted to the design

Fully DeployedStored Position

All our products are manufactured in the UK, using UK parts