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HS 6040 DV Dual View

Mid-Size Baggage & Parcel X-Ray Machine

Best in value “Dual-View” Imaging Technology.

The HS 6040 DV™ (Dual View) Security X-Ray Inspection System is an ideal mid-range unit that allows for the x-raying of a wide range of items. For the screening of carry-on or similar sized luggage, it is considered to be the most flexible and preferred choice for virtually every airport in the world. It is also ideal for reception areas, railway stations, hospitals, prisons, airports and correctional facilities. Designed with a 605 mm x 405 mm tunnel size, the HS 6040 DV™ is one of the most popular machines on the market.

The HS 6040 DV™ is built with high definition detectors and state of the art photo sensors that allow for ultra-thin objects placed on the conveyor belt to be picked up and scanned in two seperate orientations. The HS 6040 DV™ provides picture-pure resolution with a super enhanced image processing and a automatic 20 x screen image playback capability. Users can operate the unit either with monitors directly on top of the machine or remotely up to 10 metres away (optional). In addition to the standard configuration, the HS 6040 DV™ is supplied with a number of optional extras including TIP (Threat Image Projection); OA (Operator Assist), Density Threat Alert, Roller Tables or Baggage Slides.


Special features

  • Dual-view imaging technology

  • Dual-energy high-denition detectors
  • Compact design

  • Ultra thin object scanning using micro photo sensors

  • Modular design with self-diagnosis capability

  • Organic / inorganic stripping

  • Automatic threat and density alert

  • Network ready

  • Image archiving


  • Entry/exit guards

  • Dual monitors

  • Roller tables (entry / exit) built to any length

  • UPS (uninterrupted power supply)

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