Making security a priority at events

In an increasingly hostile world, the need for advanced and reliable security solutions is growing at a rapid pace. For large-scale event organisers or venue security consultants, in particular, safety should always be the top priority. Once this fundamental element has been taken care of, and only then, can they begin to think about the finer details of the event.

However, security should never be to the detriment of the event. It is, therefore, vital to invest in sophisticated screening solutions which ensure the event goes off without a hitch while maintaining guest safety at all times.

Earlier this year, ARC Event Solutions (now 2X Event Solutions) was introduced to 2X Systems in an effort to emphasise the importance of appropriate and seamless security implementation at VIP and large events.

An established name within the security screening market, 2X Systems is experienced in providing innovative x-ray scanning products and mobile security solutions for a range of applications including government facilities, border checkpoints and military bases.

But with 2X Event Solutions and the recently extended portfolio of industry-leading equipment, far more applications are now covered including festivals and concerts as well as public, government, VIP, sports and corporate events.

CEO Frank Baldwin says: “This is an exciting time for 2X Systems as we continue to expand our product offering to meet the evolving needs of the events industry — providing robust and reliable security screening solutions to ensure guests’ safety is always a top priority”.

The products

Thanks to the recent acquisition of ARC Event Solutions, 2X Systems has now been able to expand its product offering to provide a comprehensive portfolio of reliable security screening equipment including a walk-through metal detector, conveyor x-ray scanner and the Secupod security scanning unit.

The walk-through metal detector analyses targets across a broad range of frequencies for greater accuracy and reduced alarms, while the automatic passenger count and indicators with wait and proceed symbols allow for smooth, efficient traffic flow. The system also features 30 pre-set programs for various security applications and 100 frequency options for positioning multiple units within 400mm of each other.

Equally, the leading conveyor x-ray scanners come in two sizes and are ideal for securely managing baggage at events. The innovative image-recognition tools provide automatic material discrimination, enabling screeners to quickly and easily identify the material composition of scanned objects. In addition, the conveyors offer options such as Threat Image Projection — a virtual image management tool which ensures operators are always maximising the screening potential of the scanner.

Designed to be operational in under an hour, the Secupod unit is equipped with CCTV, LED lighting and mains power. Multiple units can also be joined together to create a physical barrier and the innovative design allows other security products to be configured within the pod.

The security scanning solutions have been developed with rapid deployment and ease of installation in mind and can be easily transported – making them fully adjustable and suitable for any event requirements.

Available for hire

All products are available for short or long-term rental hire — offering flexible hiring options for event organisers and venue managers hosting both public and private events. The equipment can also be deployed quickly and easily for last-minute event security hire.

2X Systems’ solutions have previously been used to secure numerous high-profile events and venues such as Southsea’s D-Day commemorations and Wembley Stadium. Backed by 2X Systems’ expertise and high-level understanding of what it takes to keep an event secure, you can guarantee 2X Event Solutions will deliver the same level of security — from a brand you can rely on.

Over the years, 2X Event Solutions’ products have also been implemented across many applications including major events such as the 2012 London Olympics, stadiums and arenas, construction sites, restricted areas, high-risk building and corporate HQs. Meaning you can be confident the equipment is extremely reliable for a wide range of operational environments.

For your next event, contact the team at 2X Systems to enquire about our advanced security solutions.

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