Ensure your event goes off without a hitch

No matter how big or small, there are a million and one different things to think about when running an event – from the venue, catering and guest-list right down to the décor, music and seating plan.

To ensure guests leave with a positive memory of their overall experience, every single element needs to be carefully considered and tied together perfectly. So, how do you make sure everything goes off without a hitch?

You often hear event organisers talk about taking care of the finer details but before you can even get to work on them, it’s important to get the BIG details sorted first…

Get the basics in order

Without a venue there is no event, so finding the perfect location should always be first on the agenda. But no longer satisfied with classic venues such as hotels, gardens, country manors and conference centres, recent trends have seen unique and obscure locations become increasingly popular with event organisers. From a secluded forest location and an atmospheric cavern to a historic ship, a former biscuit factory or a fairy-tale castle – the more creative, the better.

The problem with these unconventional venues? They haven’t been designed with security in mind and don’t always come with the most robust security measures. On the day of the event when you already have a thousand other things to concern yourself with, the last thing you want to be worrying about is whether guests are going to be safe.

As such, security implementation should be underlined and written in bold on any event organiser’s checklist – the first step before you even start thinking about the frills such as food, drinks, music and decoration.

While designated event spaces will already come fortified with the necessary equipment and manpower, more ‘out-there’ venue choices will be unlikely to. Therefore, rapidly deployable and mobile security screening solutions, such as those developed by 2X Event Solutions, are essential when hosting events at these types of venues.

After all, you’d have contingency plans in case of any weather-related issues – so why wouldn’t you ensure the appropriate security measures are also in place?

Looking after your guests

No one wants to queue for hours to get into an event, especially if it is an exclusive VIP one. But the reality is that bag checks and security screening are part and parcel of large-scale events these days.

The bigger an event is, the greater the chance is of something going wrong – so it is vital that safety implementation is taken seriously and fully considered. If not, you could risk the event not running at all – as was the case with the 70,000 strong Fusion Festival in Germany, which was in severe danger of being cancelled in 2019 due to disputes between the organisers and police about safety concerns.

A cancelled event would be disastrous. Not only would you have to refund all attendees (70,000 in the case of Fusion Festival), but you would also risk irreparable damage to your reputation with brands, suppliers and clients. However, if the event goes ahead and a security issue occurs during, the repercussions could be far more catastrophic.

That being said, security measures shouldn’t hamper the overall guest experience. The process should be seamless – ensuring all attendees get through security screening quickly and safely, with minimal disruption to the event proceedings. For example, 2X Systems’ 2X-833 walk-through metal detector guarantees a smooth and efficient flow of traffic by analysing targets across a broad range of frequencies to ensure greater accuracy and reduced alarms.

Creating an unforgettable experience

While good events are always looked back on fondly and create a great talking point, it is often those that go wrong which people talk about for longer. You don’t want to allow anything to ruin the guest experience, especially when it comes to something as important as guest safety.

So, although guests may only see the frills and glitter of an event, the basic background details are vital to get right. Together, they all help to create a truly unforgettable event – for all the right reasons.

To find out more about 2X Event Solutions’ range of security screen products, visit www.2xsystems.com.

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