Design for manufacture

As a respected design and consultancy company for x-ray inspection systems, we provide first-class and comprehensive design services to our clients — delivering robust, cost-effective designs for both high-volume products and bespoke one-off mechanical designs.

At 2X Systems, we can manage the entire process for you, using our highly structured design process to manage your project and ensure it is delivered on time and to budget. Our design-to-manufacturing process also means reduced development and infrastructure investment, ensuring a timely product launch and minimal hassle for everyone involved. All the designs we produce for manufacture rely on our comprehensive knowledge of both low and high-volume production techniques and consider assembly requirements from the outset. Every aspect of our design is reviewed for appropriate material, parts, assembly time and labour costs.

Developing a relationship with 2X Systems means you do not waste time continuously inducting on-site sub-contractors or repeatedly explaining your products and systems to new design people. We are a well-established, highly flexible resource available at all stages of the design and manufacturing process, including the provision of support during the installation and maintenance process of your products in the field.


Our clients include a number of large international companies from the UK, the US and the Middle East that value the innovation, expertise, professionalism and integrity offered by our design services.

We are currently involved in the design process for a range of hi-energy x-ray systems, including variants and optional items to facilitate effective security screening at ports and similar locations. The design process is now in the final stages of completion prior to moving on to the procurement and manufacturing phases for a range of products for a NASDAQ-listed company. Contact us today to find out more about our design services and how we can guide your next vehicle x-ray inspection system project.

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All our products are manufactured in the UK using UK parts.

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