2X Systems is a well-established, highly flexible resource available at all stages of the design and manufacturing process. From initial enquiry and guidance on bespoke operational requirements through to confirmation of quality on delivered x-ray inspection systems, including installation and maintenance of your products in the field. Our consultancy services are intended to support your project from start to finish.

Clients trust us to guide their projects and offer practical advice on operational and commercial viability, including governance requirements. This advice and guidance stems from many years in the industry and is supported by our teams’ in-depth engineering experience and expert knowledge of design for manufacture.



2X Systems works with a number of large international companies from the UK, the US and the Middle East that value our expertise, professionalism, integrity and innovation offered by our consulting services.

We are currently advising a UK FTSE-listed company on the development of security screening systems for the market. The process includes advising on the technical and operational components of a proposed product range, as well as guidance on the pre and post-sales aspects for the regional and global vehicle screening market. Contact us today to find out more about our consulting services and how we can guide your next vehicle security screening project.

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All our products are manufactured in the UK using UK parts.

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