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The 2X-833 is a leader in its class and offers security operators a reliable system for use in various operational environments. Ease of use and installation make the 2X-833 WTMD the perfect choice for any security check point.

System Applications

  • Ports
  • Airports

  • Train stations

  • Hospitals

  • Hotels

  • Commercial governments

  • Banks

  • The independent zone indicator lights on both sides of the of each panel provide the means to identify the height, left and right locations for one or more objects passing through the archway

  • 7” colour LCD touch sensitive screen, infrared remote control. LED and adjustable audible sound alarms. LED indicators on both sides to indicate the position of the threat.

  • 33 detection zones, simultaneous alarm from multiple zones, each zone is adjustable with 999 sensitivity levels

  • Analyses targets across a broad range of frequencies for greater accuracy and reduced alarms

  • Omnidirectional detection, transmitters on each side to allow scanning from both sides
  • Automatic passenger counts an alarm times, can be customised to 36 zones

  • 100 frequencies options for positioning multiple units can be installed within 400mm of each other. 30 pre-set programs for various security application

  • Smooth, efficient traffic flow with easy to view, eye level indicators with wait and proceed symbols on each side of the archway


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