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Drive Through

  • The rapid deployable 2X-300D is a fully self contained system with minimal support required to install
  • The unique design of the 2X-300D provides the user with all the components required to setup and operate the system

  • The x-ray generator is switchable in increments between 200kVA and 320kVA. This allows for different densities of vehicle to be scanned

  • The system is plug and play with all the required system variants pre-wired in the control panel. Data link cables with Harting connectors plug directly into the system. The control room can be positioned up to 100mtrs away from the system. Extra distance is possible via fiber optic cables, including remote access via internet or WAN
  • The 2X-300 meets the requirements of ANSI/HPS N43.17-2009, radiation safety for personnel security screening systems using x-ray

  • Radiation dose at exclusion zone boundary: <0.5 μSv in any one hour


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