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  • For situations where the system is to be operated on a permanent or semi permanent basis, the 2X-300F is designed for installations where the need for rapid deployment and automated lifting is not required. The 2X-300F is a fully functioning vehicle scanner with all the capability of the rapid deploy 2X-300D. The ‘F’ system is delivered without automatic lifting and no control room
  • The ‘F’ system is configured for drive though operation and can also be configured for use with the unique conveyor cassette to allow unoccupied vehicle scanning
  • Computer workstation and CCTV equipment will be supplied for installation into the customers control room

  • The data link connection from the system control panel connects directly to the control room with waterproof harting connectors. The panel is also pre-wired to include optional CCTV, electronic barriers, traffic control lights, ANPR etc.

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