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Rapid Deployment

  • The 2X-300 is design to fit into a Standard 20ft ISO container which enables it to be shipped covertly and at a minimum cost
  • When the container arrives at site all the equipment required to move into position and operate are included in the container. The ‘paten pending design’ eliminates the need for a installation team to erect the system. The 2X-300 is fully built and only needs to be moved in to position with the tug provide and connected to the shore power supply. The system is then levelled with the screw jacks and the ramps are then folded down into place. The hydraulic system is operated by pushing a single button to elevate the system to the correct height ready for operation

  • Site boundary markers and entry and exit barriers can also be provided on request

Rapid Deployment (office control room)

  • The container the system is delivered can be pre-fitted with the control room, once the systems as been removed. The internal central wall swings into position to create a fully functioning control room with operator desk and consol. The control room is pre-fitted with heat/air conditioning, lighting and power outlets

  • The data link connection from the system control panel connects directly to the control room with waterproof harting connectors. The panel is also prewired to include optional CCTV, Electronic barriers, traffic control lights, ANPR etc

All our products are manufactured in the UK, using UK parts