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2X-300 Vehicle Scanner

Car Inspection Portal

The 2X-300 has been developed for ease of transportation and installation. The system is designed to fit into a standard 20ft ISO container that has been adapted to take the system fully built. Wheels are fitted to allow the system to be moved on rails out of the container and then moved into the operating position. The top section is lifted by forklift or crane to the correct height and pins are then inserted (option for hydraulic feature is also available). The spring loaded ramps on each side are manually lowered into place. Power and data cables are connected. The system is then ready for operation.


System Applications

  • Border check points
  • Government facilities

  • Airports

  • Military bases

  • Hotels & events

  • Secure facilities

  • VIP facilities

  • Check points

  • The 2X-300 car scanner has been developed to meet the fast-moving demands for vehicle screening at ports, border crossings and secure facilities
  • Top down imaging of the vehicle provides the operator with excellent fast and easy imaging tools for detecting threats, drugs, explosives, weapons, contraband and people trafficking

  • 2X-300 is designed for ease of installation and deployment, and the system can be installed within 4 hours on any flat site. The system is also designed to fit into a standard 20ft shipping container. Minimal engineer intervention is require on setup, with power and data link cable being the only connections required

  • The shipping container is pre-fitted to enable it to be transformed into a command and control centre when unloaded

  • 2X-300 can be configured to operate in number of modes. High throughput drive-through in excess of 250 vehicles per hour and conveyor mode up to 55 vehicles per hour

  • Tunnel dimension of 3.0m wide by 3.0m high, capable of scanning cars, vans and small buses

  • 200kV up to 350kV switchable dual energy transmission X-ray provides  high definition X-ray images to the operator. The X-ray energy switching can be performed by the operators onsite or remotely

  • The variable energy operating modes allow for alternative governmental regulations on the scanning of passengers. 2X-300DT for drive through scanning where the driver and passengers stay in the vehicle and 2X-300DC for the conveyor system that allows driverless operation

  • The system is also equipped with OCR, recording the number plate on the image and storing the image for retrieval local or remote

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