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2X Systems is a leading authority in the fast-moving and demanding vehicle and cargo x-ray screening industry.

We offer complete consultancy, design and manufacturing services to a broad range of industries. We specialise in vehicle and cargo x-ray security screening and can deliver bespoke projects through to robust designs for highly regulated, high-volume products.

Our clients are mainly large international companies from the UK, US and the Middle East. They value our expertise and creative thinking, knowing it is supported by in-depth engineering experience and our detailed knowledge of design for manufacture. With many years of experience working in the field of security x-ray, they value our innovation, integrity and professionalism. Working with us to develop security screening products allows you to focus on other aspects of your business, confident in the knowledge that we deliver quality solutions.

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Our consultancy services are intended to support your project from start to finish — from initial enquiry and guidance on bespoke operational requirements through to confirmation of quality on delivered vehicle x-ray inspection systems, including installation and maintenance of your products in the field.

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As an experienced design and consultancy company for vehicle and cargo x-ray inspection systems, we provide comprehensive development and implementation services to our clients. We can manage your entire project for you, ensuring it is delivered on time and to budget.

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We provide the perfect turnkey solution with our in-house manufacturing capabilities — delivering all your product requirements through one process. We design for manufacture from the start, drawing on our comprehensive knowledge to consider assembly requirements from every angle.

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All our products are manufactured in the UK using UK parts.

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